Enhanced form

"Wings" sketch - by mari80 on http://www.deviantart.com


"Oscillation frequency" - Totemical - http://www.totemical.com/


by Audrey Kawasaki - one of my alltime favorite artists


The Urban Outdoors

“Meditolliation” by Taifun on http://www.deviantart.com
Unknown Origin
Unknown Origin
Unknown Origin

Lion Heart – Unknown Origin


Model: Ophelias-Overdose on Deviantart.com
Roxy Contin Rockstar Couture
Unknown Origin
Headdress by Temna Fialka

Lock & Ki

This year I’ve been blessed with finding other wickedly skilled women with which I’ve been able to form a new collective with, Lock & Ki. A trifecta of skilled ladies including Cabrina Channing Wearable Metal Art, Dropping Form Designs, and Mechanic Organic.

Lock & Ki banner by the massively taleted digital guru - Mugwort Artemesia

Hats, Feather Earrings, & Necklace by Dropping Form Desings - Corset & Tailcoat by Mechanic Organic

"Celestial Trinity" Taxidermy eyeball necklace by Cabrina Wearable Metal Art


Inspiration Blog

Through the beautiful chaos of my processes, the knowledge that ‘a good nights sleep’ is highly overrated, and the constant urge to consume far more¬†caffeine¬†than the average carbon-based life form… I’ve learned how important it is to take a moment for yourself every once in awhile. Collect your sanity from the curb and give it a loving squeeze.

In the name of blessed sanity, I hereby create this blog. A collection of the inspirations & random findings of my seemingly one-track mind.


Photography by Kiss My Flash Photography - Clothing & Jewelry by Mechanic Organic

Leather Custom Underbust Corset by MetamorphDK on Etsy.com

Underbust Harness Vest by AudraJean on Etsy.com